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All Your IT Support Questions Answered

22nd August 2023

1.    What is IT support?

This is a service that assists with issues related to your computer system, be it hardware, software, networks, or digital systems. It involves troubleshooting, problem resolution, security provision, systems maintenance, upgrades and guidance, to ensure the smooth functioning and optimal performance of your IT system.

2.    What types of IT support service are available?

Interfuture is a MSP (Managed Service Provider) which means that we manage and maintain a client’s complete IT system, including security, and a helpdesk for user inquiries and problem solving.

3.    How long is an IT support contract?

We offer fixed length contracts of between 12 – 36 months (longer if required) depending on certain variables.

4.    What is the process for setting up IT support?

First, we will meet with a client (normally via a Teams call) to discuss requirements. Then we will do a site visit to understand the set up and make any recommendations in order to optimise systems. If the client is happy with the arrangements, both parties will enter into a formal agreement and the required adjustments, improvements and upgrades will be implemented. After which, we constantly monitor and maintain your IT system, trouble shooting and assisting when requested, and providing advice and regular feedback to ensure optimal functionality at all times.

5.    How does remote IT support work?

Remote IT support involves our engineers accessing and controlling a user's computer or device from a distance, through secure software. This enables diagnosis and troubleshooting of technical issues in real-time. Communication occurs via online chat or phone, allowing efficient problem resolution without requiring physical presence on-site.

6.    How quickly can IT issues be resolved?

The resolution time for IT issues varies based on complexity and urgency. Most problems are resolved in minutes over the phone, while intricate issues could take considerably longer and will require our engineers to do further work on the issue. We always provide regular updates to clients, so that they are kept informed of progress.

Immediate critical issues have priority, with service level agreements dictating response and resolution times, ensuring efficient problem-solving.

7.    What is the difference between hardware and software support?

Hardware support involves assisting with physical device issues, such as computers or printers, addressing malfunctions and maintenance. Software support deals with problems in applications or operating systems, including installation, updates, and troubleshooting errors within digital programs to ensure proper functionality. Interfuture generally only deals with the latter.

8.    Do IT support services provide cybersecurity assistance?

Yes, we have an in-house Security Operations Centre which provides a comprehensive cybersecurity service offering real-time threat monitoring, advanced malware detection, and proactive vulnerability assessments to safeguard digital assets and data, ensuring robust protection against cyberattacks and maintaining business continuity.

9.    How do I access Help Desk IT support?

Clients can reach our Helpdesk through various channels such as phone, email, or our online ticketing system.

10.  Are IT support services available 24/7?

Our normal hours are 8.30am til 5.30pm, however, our automated monitoring systems work continuously in the background, diagnosing and recording any issues 24/7. Should a client require personal support outside of our normal office hours, this can be arranged.

11.  Do you support server and/or cloud data storage?

We can provide/support both.

12.  Can IT support help with network issues?

Yes, we can diagnose connectivity problems, troubleshoot hardware, configure routers and switches, and optimize network performance. Whether it's slow connections, dropped connections, or other networking challenges, our IT support ensures a reliable and efficient network environment.

13.  Do IT support services help with software installation and updates?

Absolutely - we ensure proper installation, troubleshoot any issues, and keep software up to date with security patches and new features. This helps maintain system stability, security, and optimal functionality across various applications and programs.

14.  Can IT support help with data recovery?

Yes - we use various techniques to recover lost or corrupted data from storage devices, including hard drives and backups. Timely action and the expertise of our IT professionals enhance the chances of successful data retrieval.

15.  How do IT support services handle confidential information?

We employ strict security measures: we follow data privacy regulations, use encrypted communication, and limit access to authorized personnel. Compliance with industry standards and best practices ensures the protection of sensitive data during troubleshooting and support processes.

16.  What is the typical cost of IT support services?

We charge a monthly subscription fee – the cost depends on a number of factors such as the number of computers/users, the network, the software, cloud vs server, age of hardware/software, client requirements, etc..

17.  Can IT support assist with mobile devices and tablets?

Yes, we help to troubleshoot issues, configure settings, set up email accounts, install apps, and ensure optimal performance. Whether it's connectivity problems, software glitches, or device setup, our IT support offers assistance for a range of mobile device-related concerns.

18.  How often should I update my software and perform maintenance?

We take care of this for our clients (where appropriate). Regular software updates and maintenance are essential for optimal performance and security and should occur as new versions are released by software vendors, often monthly or quarterly. Maintenance, including system checks, cleaning, and backups, can be scheduled to occur regularly, the frequency depending on usage and business requirements.

19.  Can IT support services help with cloud computing-related issues?

Yes, we will take care of your cloud setup, migration, configuration, and troubleshooting for services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Our support ensures smooth integration, scalability, and resolution of cloud-related challenges to support your business operations.

20.  What qualifications do IT support technicians have?

IT support technicians typically possess certifications like CompTIA A+, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), or Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). All of our engineers have qualifications in computer science or related fields, some to degree level. Practical experience and problem-solving skills are also crucial for effective IT support.

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