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Effective communication, whether it’s with your team or your clients, is vital to the successful running of your business. The tools that you use are vital. That’s why at Interfuture we have decided to offer you the best Cloud based communication tool available, InterLync.

Different situations require access to different communication options, from conducting a successful team meeting across continents, to asking a colleague a question, or hosting a virtual meeting with a client. Couple that with the need for a solution that is easily adaptable as businesses and departments grow, and that supports the increasing geographical spread of teams and clients, and you will find that a Cloud hosted solution is the best option.

InterLync has everything that you could possibly need for reliable business communication.


  • Instant messaging – ask team members a question or conduct a quick discussion easily via instant messaging, fantastic if you need a fast response.
  • Video and conference calling – easily arrange and host virtual team meetings, present to colleagues and clients, or simply conduct a telephone conversation, and all via the Cloud.
  • Recording and screen sharing capabilities – share your screen with meeting attendees and record conversations and presentations for future sharing, broadcasting, and referencing.
  • Availability controls – control your availability, avoid unnecessary interruptions, and remain efficient throughout your day. You can also easily see the availability of your colleagues and contacts.

The InterLync platform is so effective that we have implemented it ourselves as a reliable, affordable, and versatile collaboration tool. It’s now the main communication platform that we use.

If you would like to discuss how utilising InterLync could help your business, contact the Interfuture team today on 0345 521 0822.

Please note that all other numbers you have will now be phased out.

InterfutureEverybody seems to be talking about the Cloud; a large number of businesses are experiencing the many benefits of using it to access their business critical software and data. But what exactly is Cloud Computing, and how will it benefit your business?

Essentially the Cloud offers businesses and individuals the option of accessing software, data, files, emails etc… using the internet. Many of us use the Cloud every day but don’t even realise it.

If you’ve ever used a Microsoft Hotmail, Yahoo, or a similar email service, you’ve already got to grips with Cloud Computing.

Is Cloud Computing right for every business?

In a word, yes. However, it’s vital that you tailor the way in which you utilise the Cloud to meet the demands, limitations, and structure of your team.

Find out which of our Cloud models is right for your business, call us on 0345 521 0822.


  • Cost savings – The fact is, many businesses do not have the need, nor the budget, for on-site servers or a team of IT professionals to maintain them. Working with a Cloud service provider, such as Interfuture, you will have access to the server space that you need, without the associated costs and headache of managing and maintaining the hardware set up.
  • Improve communication and service your clients better – the Cloud offers multiple opportunities for businesses of all sizes, including the ability to communicate in a way that suits you and your clients. From instant messaging and conducting telephone conversations, to video conferencing and presenting to virtual teams, the Cloud has opened up business communication in the most amazing ways. To unlock the power of reliable and affordable online communication, take a look at InterLync.

If you are looking for total off-site Cloud services, take a look at our Stratus model, or our pay as you go model, InterSync.

If you are a business with servers on-site but would like some aspect of your IT setup moving into the Cloud, we have designed the Cirrus Cloud Hybrid model especially for you.


  • Security and reliable access – Cloud services are designed to ensure that your data is secure and accessible at all times. You don’t have to worry about the recovery of your Cloud hosted data because we can manage all of that for you with our Cloud Managed Monitoring service. This has offered peace of mind to many of our clients.

Likewise, Cloud backup services ensure that you have an easy to monitor backup routine in place. Should the worst happen, your businesses will hardly skip a beat, it’s easy to restore everything to the last backup version.

  • Freedom and Flexibility – Access everything you need wherever you are. Businesses are changing, with the growth in the globalisation of organisations and the increased mobility of their workforce’s, flexibility in working methods is key. By storing your data in the Cloud, your workforce can gain access to everything they need on their PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, all they need is an internet connection.
  • Cloud Computing grows with your business – Businesses grow and change constantly but often on-site technology setups are difficult to adapt and change to suit the business. By switching to a Cloud model with Interfuture, you can be sure that as your business changes, your IT setup can too:
    • Add or remove users as required.
    • Increase or decrease the amount of space needed in our data centres as and when needed.
    • Pay in a way that suites your business.

Contact us now on 0345 521 0822 and start benefitting from our Cloud Hosting and Cloud Backup services.

Working with Interfuture to get your business operating from the Cloud

At Interfuture, we dedicate time and expertise to get to know your business through our 5 stage process, enabling us to match you with one of our unique Cloud Computing products. This ensures that you get access to the best that Cloud Computing can offer your business.


If you are looking to add Cloud Computing to your business but would like to continue to manage some of your IT systems and applications on-site, our Cloud Hybrid solution could be the perfect fit. Cirrus is often used by organisations looking to manage and access applications such as email, document, file storage and sharing from the Cloud, whilst keeping other business critical applications on on-site servers and hardware.


  • Reliability – choosing to access some of your applications from the Cloud means that you don’t have to worry about downtime. The Cloud is always up and running and we have documented and tested backup and disaster recovery procedures in place.
  • Cost reduction – moving some of your business critical systems onto the Cloud means less maintenance and management of in-house servers.
  • Upgrades – you won’t need to worry about upgrading your email, document storage, mobile access and other business applications, we can manage all of that for you.
  • Greater efficiency – with the increase in the mobility and geographical spread of workforces today, Cloud Computing is the perfect solution to ensure that your systems are accessible from wherever you are, all you need is an internet connection. If you would like to find out more about setting up mobile access click here.

If you are looking to migrate all of your business systems and applications onto a Cloud Computing platform take a look at our Stratus solution. We also offer Cloud Backup, Storage and Cloud Monitoring solutions.

To discuss migrating to the Cloud contact our Cloud Computing Experts on 0345 521 0822 to discuss your requirements.


If you are looking to migrate all of your business applications onto a Cloud based solution, doing away with on-site servers and the time and costs associated with managing them, Stratus Cloud Private is for you.

Many businesses simply do not have the need for on-site servers and now they have another option. Many SMEs are moving across to operating fully from the Cloud, and are experiencing many benefits once they do so.


  • Easy and cost effective implementation and maintenance.
  • Flexible solution designed to grow with your business – add users and systems easily, as required.
  • Accommodates mobile and remote workforces – access business critical systems wherever you are.
  • No more maintenance and management of on-site server hardware.
  • Minimal on-going maintenance costs and the avoidance of repair/replacement costs at a later date.
  • Reduced energy costs as a result of removing on-site servers.

If you are looking to migrate some of your business systems and applications onto a Cloud Computing platform, but want to keep some applications on-site, take a look at our Cloud Hybrid solution, Cirrus. We also offer Cloud Backup, Storage and Cloud Monitoring solutions.

If you are a business in Surrey, London, Kent, or Sussex and want to discuss moving across to the Cloud contact us now on 0345 521 0822 to discuss your requirements with our IT specialists.


Are you a small business or start-up based in the South East of England and don’t yet have your own software in place? If you need to get access to key software solutions to ensure the smooth running of your business then our Public Cloud solution, Nimbus could be just what you are looking for.

Nimbus is designed for:

  • Businesses and organisations that regularly need to add or remove users at short notice.
  • Companies looking to completely overhaul their existing infrastructure.
  • Anybody who does not want any servers on-site.


  • Easy set-up – you can get access to the right business software quickly, leaving you to get on with building your business.
  • Low setup and maintenance costs.
  • Scalable – Nimbus will grow as your business does. Add users and systems quickly and as needed.
  • Ongoing support and advice from Interfuture’s team of IT specialists.
  • High levels of security combined with backup options to ensure your business critical data is safe.

If you already have your business software in place but are looking for a partial or full move onto a Cloud Computing model find out more about our Cirrus, Stratus and InterSync pay as you go models. We also offer Cloud Backup, Storage and Cloud Monitoring solutions.

If you want to discuss accessing business critical software from the Cloud, contact us now on 0345 521 0822 to discuss your requirements with our team.


The security of your business critical data is paramount, backing up your data on a regular basis should be second nature. To meet this need, Interfuture has developed InterCrypt, a Cloud managed backup solution which ensures the safety and security of your data.

We work closely with vendor partners to improve products through an innovative technology and leading service, provided by Interfuture. We understand that the success of Managed Hosting Providers, Managed Service Providers, and VARs relies on impeccable behind-the-scenes software, which is why we have developed InterCrypt, our specialised multi-tenant storage system.

InterCrypt allows for multi-user backups for our client’s with unbeatable flexibility, and ensures optimum disaster recovery speeds thanks to instant restore features.


  • Peace of mind that comes with knowing that your business critical data is backed up regularly.
  • Easy restoration of data backup in the event of a system failure, with minimal interruption to your business.
  • Support from an experienced team of IT specialists and Cloud Computing experts.

The key features of our InterCrypt package are:

  • High performance, cross-platform backup for all InterCrypt users.
  • Seamless compatibility with Connectwise, WHMCS, Ubersmith, Autotask and many more.
  • Virtual environments are entirely protected.
  • Bare-metal recovery and P2V migrations ensure instant and straightforward restoration.
  • A highly scalable architecture allows replication on Cloud Storage providers of your choice.
  • Easy to use remote configuration through web management interface allows for centralised management.
  • Advanced reporting provides scope for in-depth strategic analysis.

If you are looking for the perfect solution to your backup needs contact us on 0345 521 0822 to discuss InterCrypt Cloud backup.

If you would like to explore some of our other Cloud services and pricing options, find out more about our Cirrus and Stratus models. We also offer Cloud Backup, Storage and Cloud Monitoring solutions.


As with all IT systems, it is important to manage and monitor your Cloud Computing to ensure that it is running smoothly and supporting your business effectively. InterGuard is our complete solution for remote Cloud monitoring and management, allowing automation of maintenance procedures, management of your devices, and the ability to efficiently fix problems on desktops, laptops, and virtual machines, from any location and device.


  • A full picture of how your Cloud services are running.
  • The ability to fix any problems remotely.
  • In-depth reporting capabilities and easy sharing of information between users, teams, and sites.
  • Access to support from a team of Cloud Computing Experts.

If you would like to talk to our team about the options for monitoring your Cloud usage, applications, mobile devices and security. Contact our Cloud Computing Experts on 0345 521 0822 today.

InterGuard is one of the first in a range of products that allows the opportunity to combine self-healing features, remote control, remote data backup, and exceptional endpoint security to provide you with a significantly improved, more streamline, and impressive service. InterGuard offers a range of products and features:

InterGuard Automation – Expanding on the already powerful management capabilities of the InterGuard model, automation allows repeatable processes through a straightforward drag and drop interface.

InterGuard Remote – A suite of products allowing capabilities to remediate both unattended and attended desktop and server issues efficiently. InterGuard Remote meets the full brief of requirements set out by remote providers, without compromising on professionalism or productivity. With a comprehensive menu of protocols, platform support, and specialist tools, a technician can connect to almost any device remotely and with ease.

InterGuard Mobile – InterGuard provides clients with a more efficient, productive, and responsive service, whenever they need it. With the InterGuard mobile device management system we can invite, monitor, maintain and repair devices from a single location.

InterGuard Netflow – With customisable dashboard views that allow the sharing of information with multiple business units on a per-user or per-group basis, InterGuard Netflow is an in depth reporting system creating the opportunity to gain useful insights in to network performance and usage. See all information on every network conversation passing through the interfaces of any supported routers and switches with InterGuard Netflow.

InterGuard Audit – Designed to help businesses of all sizes assess vulnerability, mitigation, and protection. InterGuard Audit is a leading vulnerability management and compliance solution, developed to address the concerns of our clients. InterGuard Audit is one of very few products to offer such a powerful, fully integrated, end-to-end solution to all businesses.

InterGuard Reports – An unbeatable solution for reporting on IT infrastructure. Allowing our technicians to communicate network and systems information to numerous users. InterGuard Reports produces concise, straightforward and appropriate reports that allow users to make informed decisions concerning their investment in IT. Choose from an extensive catalogue of pre-built reports or adopt InterGuard Reports easy to use custom report building features to produce reports that are easy to understand.

If you are interested in implementing the right Cloud Computing model for your business, find out more about our Cirrus, Stratus and InterSync pay as you go models. We also offer Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup Cloud Backup solutions.

Fujitsu logo C-red

The Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform offers businesses of all sizes a reliable and trusted virtual IT Infrastructure with true pay-by-the-hour billing. Using an innovative and intuitive web application, subscribers can design, build, and deploy a virtual Infrastructure within minutes; reaping the benefits of Cloud adoption immediately. Scaling up or down is as simple as dragging another server into the system or deleting an unnecessary one with a click of a button. Billing is updated immediately so you get charged for what is used.


  • Fijitsu Cloud Computing offers instant access for businesses looking to utilise the Cloud fast.
  • Pay-by-the-hour billing means you only pay for what you use.
  • Peace of mind from knowing your Cloud applications are being managed by one of the world’s leading providers.
  • The Fijitsu Cloud is fully scalable based on your business’ requirements.
  • Low setup and maintenance costs.

Fujitsu Cloud services offer a dedicated virtual server system environment, through a suite of pre-installed servers, storage and network. This provides all the necessary system resources for our customers, allowing them to rapidly develop and deploy applications for their business using a low cost operational environment.

Produced in consultation with some of the UK’s leading CIOs, the Fujitsu White Book of Cloud Adoption cuts through the market hype, acronyms, and buzzwords to clearly explain the different Cloud models on offer. It also provides a mechanism to determine which IT applications and business services to migrate into the Cloud, setting out best practice and practical approaches for Cloud adoption.

You can download a sample copy of the Fujitsu White Book of Cloud Adoption, or please get in touch with us to receive a full copy of the white book available as a printed copy or PDF.



If you would like to discuss Fijitsu Cloud Services, contact our team of Cloud Computing Experts today on 0345 521 0822.

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