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Communication systems are a huge and essential part of business. From VoIP telephone services to email and internet solutions, Interfuture Communications can make sure that the lines of communication are open for your business.

With the globalisation of business and the increase in workforce mobility, it’s essential that you have the best communications technology implemented.



  • Work with experienced communications and IT specialists to ensure that your communications systems are working for your business.
  • Interfuture can carry out a full communications audit and provide an end-to-end solution for your business.
  • Access to ongoing support with your communications systems through our dedicated Help Desk.

Whether your requirements vary from ADSL to VPN, FTTC to EFM, or MPLS to Fibre Leased Line, you need Hosted Services, Data Warehousing, or if you’re simply not sure. We are confident that we can provide the solution that best suits your business’ needs.

interfuture-communicationsThanks to our commitment to progression, we guarantee that you’ll be advised on the most up-to-date communications technology available for your business.

If you are looking to upgrade your business’ communications channels and want flexible solutions, contact our team today on 0345 521 0822 to discuss your requirements.

As with any business system, having the right foundation in place for your communications channels is crucial to ensuring that they support your business and workforce effectively. Our team firmly believes that getting the infrastructure right is the key to any successful IT system.

At Interfuture we provide full design and installation services for all of your cabling requirements, from additional patch points for your existing wiring, to a complete overhaul of your building’s cabling infrastructure.


  • End-to-end solutions – our team of highly skilled and fully qualified technicians can deal with every aspect of your project from site survey and installation, to testing and certification.
  • Fixed charges – we charge a fixed inclusive price, including initial survey, modules, face and back plates, cable, patch panels, labelling, labour, and testing.
  • Fully Guaranteed – we use only the best quality materials, with full warranties ranging from 15 to 25 years, backed by our own installation guarantee.
  • Approved and verified – all of our cabling meets or exceeds the requirements of TIA/EIA 568A and ISO/IEC 11801.
  • LAN configuration – structured cabling provides quick and easy deployment and changes to the network as required, using a clear numbering system end to end.
  • LAN troubleshooting – communication issues can be isolated and repaired quickly.
  • LAN users – standard and power users can be split where necessary using switching equipment and isolated onto separate LANS quickly and easily.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for improvements to your current communications infrastructure, or the installation of a new framework. Call us on 0345 521 0822 for a no obligation discussion.

Business is constantly changing and today many organisations work with mobile workforces or teams spread over a wide geographical area. To ensure that your business continues to function effectively, your employees need reliable access to business systems, data, and resources.

Our team of experienced IT specialists can help plan and manage mobile access for your business. Mobile access can be delivered over a variety of well-known platforms such as mobile broadband (3G), smartphones, laptops, virtual private networks, Wi-Fi, and Terminal Services. We also offer custom application development for Windows Mobile or Java.

Your team will be able to work smarter away from the office, with easy access to emails, calendars, data, and business solutions, such as your CRM or accounting packages. If you would like to find out more about how we can offer ongoing IT support for your business click here.

As with office based networks, it’s essential that your business and its’ data are protected from online threats. When planning mobile access for your business, we will ensure that the highest levels of security are in place. If you would like to know more about the support we can offer click here.


  • Improved service for your customers through your employees’ ability to access data out of the office, on-demand.
  • Improved communications, both internally and with your customers. You can respond anyplace, anytime.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity.
  • A happier workforce that can access the tools and information essential for their role.
  • Increased security by implementing a mobile device and access strategy, instead of allowing the frequent case of allowing critical company data to be stored on employee laptops.

If you would like to talk to us about implementing reliable and secure mobile access for your team, call us now on 0345 521 0822.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology behind the ability to call people over the internet rather than using a traditional phone line. The functionality of VoIP technology offers many of the same features as a landline or mobile phone system, including voicemail, conference call facilities, call waiting, call parking, directed call pickup, ACD queues, and rich call detail reporting.


  • VoIP technology can be linked to existing IT systems such as email based voicemail, Outlook contacts, and your CRM system.
  • VoIP is perfect for supporting mobile workforces or employees spread over a wide geographical area. You can integrate remote, home, or mobile users into your existing communication system easily. For more information on how we can help you set up effective mobile access for your workforce click here.
  • VoIP is a cost effective solution for your business. We save our customers 80% of their previous call and line rental costs on average.
  • Save your customers money, implementing a VoIP system means that your customers will be able to use Skype to call your offices for free.

We understand the need for business to continue as usual when you undergo changes to your existing IT systems, including communications. We do everything that we can to limit disruption to our client’s operations.

We carry out a thorough audit of your existing telephone services before recommending a VoIP system. This allows us to discuss areas for improvement with you directly, identifying ways in which your existing system can be made more cost effective and productive.

If you want to find out if a VoIP system can work for your business, get in touch with our team today on 0345 521 0822 to discuss your requirements and arrange your communications audit.

The ability to use the internet to keep in touch with your customers and employees through VoIP technology, rather than a traditional phone line, offers so many benefits to your business.

At Interfuture we have an experienced team of communications and IT specialists in place who will work with you to plan and implement the perfect VoIP solution for your business. A key element for many businesses is the need for IT and communications systems to be easy to access, cost effective, and flexible enough to evolve and grow with their business. VoIP is the perfect solutions for today’s businesses.


  • Significantly reduced telephone call and line rental costs – calls are free between sites and users, with reduced call costs and line rental when you call suppliers or customers. Hosted VoIP with Interfuture also offers reduced maintenance and support costs.
  • High levels of business telephony functionality for all users – VoIP offers many of the same features as a landline telephone system.
  • Future proof technology – hosted VoIP with Interfuture means you won’t have to worry about paying for and implementing upgrades to your services.
  • Seamless integration of multiple locations – Use one VoIP network to serve multiple sites and integrate mobile and home workers.
  • A scalable solution – As your business grows and evolves you can easily add users and sites to your existing network. Any changes can be implemented quickly and seamlessly.

Request a full ISL datasheet on Hosted VoIP

If you are unsure about what you require in terms of communications or IT systems we also offer IT Consultancy services. Our experienced IT professionals can work with you to plan and implement bespoke IT solutions for your business. Give our team a call today on 0345 521 0822 to discuss your requirements.

If your business is looking for a software solution that has been developed solely with your requirements in mind, we can help. Our team of experienced software developers can take you through a complete software implementation process, including:

  • Fact finding and consultancy
  • Software design and development
  • Quality assurance and software testing
  • Implementation of your bespoke software solution
  • Ongoing upgrades and enhancements

swarovskiOur software development services include, but are not limited to, desktop application development, high-end client-server application development, enterprise application development, and building end-to-end enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions. As well as, reengineering software systems and providing maintenance and on-going support.


  • Your software application will be designed, built, and implemented by an experienced and knowledgeable team of IT Consultants and Software Developers.
  • Your software development project will go through our proven 5 point process, ensuring a successful outcome.
  • Interfuture’s software engineers are experts in Borland C++/Delphi, as well as, Microsoft Visual C++/C++.Net, and other Windows tools and technologies.
  • We have a solid history in the successful implementation and delivery of custom software solutions to clients in a variety of industries.
  • The software we deliver will be based on your exact requirements so it’s guaranteed to meet the objectives expected by your business and employees.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for a bespoke software solution contact our team of IT specialists now on 0345 521 0822.

Service Provider (ISP) to ensure that your business is efficient and runs smoothly.

Working with Interfuture to select the right ISP means that you can be sure that the service you receive is designed specifically to support your business and its’ use of the internet. The ISPs we have formed partnerships with focus on and can provide:

  • ADSL/SDSL/ADSL2+ Internet connectivity
  • Leased Line connectivity
  • MPLS connectivity
  • VPN connectivity
  • E-mail and web filtering
  • Domain registration
  • Web Hosting and Dedicated Hosting
  • Co-location services


  • A business focused Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Fast efficient response times and fault resolution.
  • A long term strategic relationship between your IT provider (ISL) and the ISP.
  • Ongoing support for our team of IT specialists.

If your business is becoming more reliant on the internet to function efficiently but your current Internet Service Provider isn’t meeting your needs. Call our team now on 0345 521 0822 to discuss how we can help.

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